This mod was taken from the Russian forum and translated into English. It quit simply shows tactical information about the tank you point at. Author: Etnox


To install:

Copy <0.8.11> folder from archive, paste it to <..,/res_mods/> folder.


Info panel 0.8.11

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3 Responses to [0.8.11] Info Panel for World of Tanks

  1. yaakov says:

    do it pls for 8.8 i like it very much

  2. Zack Fair says:

    Yeah, version for 8.8 please.
    thanks you very much

  3. HomerTheWhooper says:

    Hello, could you update this mod for 8.11 please ? I found some others but this is the best I have ever had. I downloaded another but if you update it for 8.11 I will download this one.

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