[0.9.7] Received Damage Announcer v2.5

Very useful mod that shows who shot at you, even if the opponent was not seen. Besides mod shows cooldown of enemy guns. In addition, the mod displays how much time is left before the next shot the enemy. Author: Omegaice


– Announces to the team who damaged you and how much when a team mate attacks you
– Displays a message when you are hit of who attacked you

Friendly Hit:


Enemy Hit:



Folder “res_mos” put to the root of the game


ReceivedDamage-EU-v2.5 (26 Kb)

ReceivedDamage-NA-v2.5  (26 Kb)

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33 thoughts on “[0.9.7] Received Damage Announcer v2.5

  1. it doesnt tell you the type of round be fired at you it shows the image of it but doesnt have apcr or ap or he next to it in () it does do (GG) but upside down

  2. Under 9.0 leaving files in …res_mods.9.0\scripts\client makes game to crash. Which is the right folder for scripts to work now?

  3. That version seems to mess up the crew voices. With the mod installed all voices are Russian regardless of tanks used.

  4. Hello, not working for me and i dont know why. I have it in scripts/client.
    Anyway thanks for great mod i have been using for long time and enjoying it.

  5. is this working for 9.3?
    when I install it and try to play a game, the game crashes at the start, when the match is loading and u have the both teams displayed…
    pls help, I rly like this mode and I can’t find another 1 like it…

  6. Yeah…maybe best to shop for mods elsewhere. Seems these people are claiming updated just to drive traffic to this site…bogus

  7. Guys, 9.4 does not show the Tank/ round etc info about people that are not spotted. Is that worked into the functionality to make it legal, or is that a bug? How can i get info on non spoted targets like in previous versions?

  8. Hey man, when is your mod gonna be ready? I love this char bar mod, really helpful in trolling unicums :D

    Looking forward to the 9.5 version!!! ^_^

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