[9.7] Hitzone skins (Weak Spot) by lee002 “BLACK & WHITE”


Another option skins with breakout areas. At this time in black and white style.

Here, everything is distributed between two colors:
Black – it is better not to shoot
White – these are the weak points.

Author: lee002

shot_019 shot_018 shot_014 shot_013 shot_012 shot_010 shot_009



vehicles folder into a folder World_of_Tanks / res_mods 0.9.7


Hit Zones (67 Mb)

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41 thoughts on “[9.7] Hitzone skins (Weak Spot) by lee002 “BLACK & WHITE”

  1. It is a great mod, exept one thing. it is not complete. The Tiger had no camo and other higher tiers are missing camo too. Would be great to have camo on lower tiers too. Make it complete, cause I love what you have done until now :P

  2. doesnt work…. i have about 10 tanks in my garage and only one worked (KV1S), rest was default. same thing in the battle, just 3 tanks in whole battle had the skin… its shame because i like this look much more than the other colourful ones

  3. This skins are very similar to those made by SteelDevil. Actually I was using those till now.
    But now after the 9.0 update those don’t work anymore and neither are these.
    If you could make them work it would be great. Very few are working, i got no idea why, same for those made by SteelDevil.

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