Another option skins with breakout areas. At this time in black and white style.

Here, everything is distributed between two colors:
Black – it is better not to shoot
White – these are the weak points.

Author: lee002

shot_019 shot_018 shot_014 shot_013 shot_012 shot_010 shot_009



vehicles folder into a folder World_of_Tanks / res_mods 0.9.0


Hit Zones (67 Mb)

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17 Responses to [9.0] Hitzone skins (Weak Spot) by lee002 “BLACK & WHITE”

  1. kaspau says:

    hi, i cant find links for download, probably missed that one. I would like to get them updated and see it working. Thanks

  2. ASDASD says:

    what thanks are compatilbe with this skin? all tanks or only tier 6 and higher?

  3. Name says:

    I like this mod but it feels incomplete because it doesn’t work on tiers below 7.

  4. Sasu says:

    Please add tanks tier 5 I need this mod :(

  5. O¤O¤O says:

    It is a great mod, exept one thing. it is not complete. The Tiger had no camo and other higher tiers are missing camo too. Would be great to have camo on lower tiers too. Make it complete, cause I love what you have done until now :P

  6. Eric says:

    This is a fucking CHEAT! plz dont dowload it and destroy the game for all other players.

  7. Gamer says:

    doesn’t work

  8. Eric says:

    need tier 5 and higher plzzzz

  9. nico says:

    its not working… it looks gr8 but when i install it, no skins in game or garage

  10. burgo855 says:

    Seems you have updated the link to the incorrect hitskins mate.

  11. yourMama says:

    this is awful. you should play tetris, if you are to stupid to play WoT without this cheat

    • obo says:

      a cheat ??? but are you retard at this point ??? everybody can use this mod and it’s a legal mod so i think you just have to shut your fucking mouth or delete your account.. RETARD…

  12. w28850467 says:

    要怎麼樣 執行 這個程式呢?

  13. Heisenberg says:

    doesnt work…. i have about 10 tanks in my garage and only one worked (KV1S), rest was default. same thing in the battle, just 3 tanks in whole battle had the skin… its shame because i like this look much more than the other colourful ones

  14. ssss says:

    a lot of files o_O

  15. Ron says:

    A lot of tanks IX and X tier hasnt white-black skin.

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