Damagepanel with angleindicator [0.9.10]

Working version of an original damagepanel with angles. Version 1:

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[9.10] Mod: Damage indicator ver.4

Author Dikey93 a nice Damage indicator for World of Tanks 9.10

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[0.9.10] Damage indicator # 3

Damage indicator shows you how to shoot. Compatible with version 0.9.10. Author: clear

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[9.10] Damage Panel w/ Angle Indicator + HitLog

Tankers! Meet the combined damage panel  which includes the most popular modifications: w / Angle Indicator, HitLog, Center…

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Accurate Damage Indicator

[0.9.10] Accurate Damage Indicator

Author: unknown. Compatible with World of Tanks 0.9.10

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[9.10] Damage indicator – sensing fire mod

A new indicator of damage to the world of tanks. author of “qdly”

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[0.9.7] Progress Indicator Text Mod by drhideg

This mod adds brightness and contrast for missions. Mod compatible with update 0.9.7 Installation:

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[0.9.7] Better Lag Indicator by Ragnarocek

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9.7 – Damage indicator Cat Eye

  Damage indicator “Cat Eye” for World of Tanks 0.9.7. When firing at you there is a…

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Damage indicator [9.7]

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