Turquoise sight of Jimbo for WOT 0.8.10

Turquoise sight in style Jimbo for WOT 0.8.10 combined the two benefits already legendary sights. First –…

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[0.9.15] The sight ProTanki for World of Tanks

Here is one more sight from popular gamers and modders. Today we will show you sigth from¬†¬†author…

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[0.9.13] ModPack by DjVirusPL v.1

Mod Pack + XVM 6.2.0 conf by DjVirusPL dla World of Tanks 9.13 v1

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Image 4

Sights “Hybrid” + x30 Zoom for World of Tanks 0.9.12

Hi all, Introducing the new, popular sights hybrid with stunning zoom, which increases by 30 times. This…

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[] [LAMP] Sight collection

Commanders! Player “leeuniverse” has collected more than a dozen of the best sights for the World of…

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[0.9.8] [BV] Mod Collection Installer 9.08.03 [EN/DE]

  Tankers! Presenting your attention the most popular ModPak on the German forum. All mods have been…

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ModPack by Reaper for 9.8

Hello evryone, This ModPack very popular in the Asian forum, so we decided to add it to…

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Barrie's modpack

Barrie’s modpack for WoT

Tankers! Meet, small, informative ModPak from player NewKidsBarrie

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Banner_Mod Pack

[0.9.4] Blades ModPack v0.9.4.1

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[0.8.9] Effectiveness Mod Pack

16 different mods you can download and install in one click. Player Rafael09ED gathered them all in…

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