[0.9.13] Minimap with signatures of tanks & equipment of the enemy last glows

Minimap with signatures of tanks and equipment of the enemy last glows for World of Tanks[0.9.13] How…

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Improved minimap by Locastan without XVM for WOT 0.9.13

Hello everyone, Excellent minimap for the world tanks. This mod includes the most necessary features that should…

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Enhanced HD Minimaps by locastan & ShuraBB for WoT 9.13

Author: Locastan

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[9.13] locastans enh. HD minimap Gen 4

The new version of the HD mini-map on the player locastan & ShuraBB.

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Image 2

[9.12] Minimap spots rating

Minimap spots rating mod – shows the good and bad positions for your tank on the minimap….

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[9.12] Artillery sight on the minimap for XVM mod

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Image 1

[0.9.12] Minimap High Resolution World of Tanks

Description: minimap (HD) high resolution shot from the air for WoT.

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[0.9.13] MOD-CHEAT: Direction guns enemies on the minimap

This mode indicates where guns are directed tanks enemies on the minimap. It is a huge advantage…

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[9.10] Enhanced HD MiniMaps + config Artasan & Locastan

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[0.9.8] kodos xvm-minimap only

Informative minimap of Kodos Mod-Pak. Upd: 29.05.2015

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