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New light sky for World of Tanks 0.8.8

With the introduction of patch 0.8.8 clarification cards “Murovanka”, “Airfield” and “Widepark” changed. Since I do not…

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[8.8] Lawn’s Big Modpack(s) of Doom v.1.17

This AIO is for WoT version 0.8.8. It contains the following mods packaged onto one file, featuring…

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Greate Damage panel + Hitlog [8.8]

Great, green panel damage intended for the last version of the game World of Tanks 8.8. Authors: HellCatShi,…

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[0.8.9] Effectiveness Mod Pack

16 different mods you can download and install in one click. Player Rafael09ED gathered them all in…

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