Hit zones. Contour skin 9.15.1

Contour skin with zones of penetration (vulnerabilities, location modules and crew) from Nooben. Also known as Icons…

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[9.15] Mod Chameleon – 3D skins for tanks WOT

We introduce new and improved Chameleon mod with  3D skins of enemy’s tanks The advantage mod “Chameleon” is…

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The assembly of all anime skins for all nations WOT

Do you want to see your favorite tank in new look? The assembly of all anime skins  will…

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[9.15] Korean Random Weakspot Skins. Shaded (+ zoom)

Compatible with the version of the client: 0.9.15 Version: Tanks counts: 173 UPDATE: 16.12.2015

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[9.15] Hitzone skins (Weak Spot) by lee002 “BLACK & WHITE”

Another option skins with breakout areas. At this time in black and white style.

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Hitbox skins of the tanks [9.15]

Compatible with the client version: 0.9.15 Package version: 2.1 Authors: StranikS_Scan, Kodoku & Co   

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Colored Hitzone Skins for WoT 9.15.1

Colored Hitzone Skins help determine where better to shoot to break and damage a tank module. Compatible with World…

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Soviet tanks standard skins

Standard camouflage for Soviet tanks 0.8.4. Author «murgen»

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[] MODPACK World of Tanks by channel «PROTanki» v.9

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The new version of 23 March. Now the opportunity to destroy the enemy shot is blocked for…

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