zoom mod

[0.9.13] [Update 19.12.2015] Zoom, ZoomX, NoScroll, ZoomIndicator, ServerCross2

Presenting your attention the realization of the ideas of additional features for comfortable playing in WoT.

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9.13 | Smooth Scope Zoom (30x, 10lvl) by Artasan

Smooth Scope Zoom (30x, 10lvl)  for World of Tanks 9.13 by Artasan. Perfect for firing on enemy tank from 500 m…

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[9.13] Korean Random Weakspot Skins. Shaded (+ zoom)

Compatible with the version of the client: 0.9.13 Version: Tanks counts: 173 UPDATE: 16.12.2015

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Image 003

Zoom x60 for World of tanks 0.9.13 – Zoom x30 x45 x60 based PMOD

Commanders! Modification Zoom x60 for World of tanks 0.9.13 is suitable for all lovers of leisurely game, the…

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x10 zoom

[0.9.13] Working Zoom In/Out + Server Reticle

Sniper Zoom In mod with 4 incrementals acording to x2 x4 x8 x16 and x30. The mod is…

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Camera Zoom mod [9.13]

Use the mouse wheel for zoom in/out. —- How to install: To install a mod, download and…

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Image 4

Sights “Hybrid” + x30 Zoom for World of Tanks 0.9.12

Hi all, Introducing the new, popular sights hybrid with stunning zoom, which increases by 30 times. This…

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MOD_Zoom 0912_10 positions _x2-x30

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3 (1)

[0.9.10] WOT-FPS: First-person view, disable stabilization, Multi Zoom

Hello everyone, This mod is still in development, there are bugs. However, you can try. On faster…

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MaxZoomOuT Arcade

[9.10] Max Zoomout. Sniper Zoom. ARTY Zoom. By Kriegstreibers

This Mod allows you 1000m zoom out in normal sight, 1500m in Arty sight and 4 zoom…

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