A sight like in Kiril Oreshkin for WOT 0.9.19

We present to your attention a selection from three sights, which are now installed in famous Russian player World of Tanks Kiril Oreshkin.

As was written earlier in this assembly there are four types of sights: static, sniper, arcane sights and rotating ones. All sights can be put on the appropriate military equipment. Instructions for installation read below.

544-min 87778-min 6554-min 6777-min

How to install:

1. Download the scope of the link below:
2. Go to the WOT client and find the res_mods folder there, if you do not have the “” folder there, create it.
3. In folder 0.9.19 create the folder “gui”, and in it the folder scaleform
4. In the scaleform folder, you need to extract the files of your sight.


Sight like in Kiril Oreshkin (700 KB)

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