AimBot Shaytan from ZorroJan for World of Tanks

Today we present a paid sight cheat but you will be able to use it for FREE.

We have already discussed the features of the forbidden sights, sights that give  players a significant advantage during battle. For this reason developers  forbid to use  modes from this category. Otherwise, you can be punished by WG: ban or block your account.

Today we present  not usual but special cheat scope Shaitan from ZorroJan. For use this scope you need to paid . What advantage this mod can give you:

– smart  pre-emption. A very useful feature. Mod independently calculate and make pre-emption depending on the speed and distance of the enemy.
– A takeover target for the obstacle
– Aiming point of the enemy. Now you can choose a weak point in the enemy’s armor and shoot right there
– If your enemy came in glare mod keeps following him.
– The ability to edit mod and suit it for you

Do not forget to use for editing program Notepad ++

Mod will work only for 21-04-2017

400 401

How to install:

res_mods \\ scripts \ client \ mods \ ZJ_Mods \ xml \ ZJ_AimBotShaytan.xml


AimBot Shaytan (907 KB)

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20 thoughts on “AimBot Shaytan from ZorroJan for World of Tanks

  1. ? How i can do for edited For made it work for new patch or to made trial more longer ? Some not bad not open pyc . Is help me to do my game ang doing rows my tank very fast for hit more domage . cause i so tired to lose with tier 5 or 3 …. trial are so smal life i need more longer

    • sure but how will I know if enemy is using it? WOT is not doing anything about so all please use this mod , so everybody will be at same side

  2. What gives ??? Why do you keep changing version to current whe its not? Says 9.16 and files created on 29.09. before update even came out? Stop wasting our time and nerves, we can wait for new version ….

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