Aslain’s XVM Mod v3.9.14 [9.3]

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On February 1, 2013, in XVM, by admin

Are you tired of default tank contours, that tells you basicaly nothing about it, except for the tank contour itself? Try my custom contour icons, with them you’ll not only have a brand new colored and tiered vehicle names, but also XVM – which means nice floating dmg numbers, custom health bars and more…. Upd: 05.10.2014


icon mod 3 icon mod 1 icon mod Image 20 Image 19 Image 18 Image 17

The mod is in developement since WoT’s closed beta back in 2010, and is one of the first icon mods ever created. The purpose of it was to replace ugly, and useless contour icons in favor of colored vehicle names. With my icons you can have much better battle awareness, than the others players who uses default set. You can identify enemy vehicle class with a blink of an eye, you will never be supriced like you can be with built-in icons.


- removed WoT Tweaker (bugged, causing bad issues!)
- reworked advanced carousel info option (fix)
- fixed Sword of Damocles ammo clip in J1mbo’s crosshair

Video demonstration:


Aslains_XVM_Mod_v.3.9.14_93 (8 Mb)

 Aslains_XVM_Mod_Installer_v.3.9.13 93  (29 Mb)

how to install

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21 Responses to Aslain’s XVM Mod v3.9.14 [9.3]

  1. Baazooka2 says:

    Yeah this works GREAT. first one to work this well and have the most swagging damage indicator. no crosshairs tho….

  2. morggs says:

    Good as always but game crashes occasionally at end of a battle (about 1 in every 10 battles). didn’t crash before I put Aslains xvm mod on and hasn’t crashed since I took it off again. Hoping for update.

  3. Palawan says:

    Works perfect and easy to install.

  4. king says:

    release Aslains_Mod_Pack for 8.11 .please

  5. Edd says:

    This one ins not updated, its 8.10

  6. mata says:

    jestes cool;]

  7. Seba says:

    Witam ta paczka modów nie działa. Odpalam wota, pojawia sie czarne tło i wywalago.
    Co tu zrobić. Usuwam mody i wszystko chodzi .

  8. Pavel says:

    This mod works fine until you want to start over with some new maps y windstorm and the like.

    Aslain stim you do something?

    When loading a new map, wot off completely

    thanks to Pavel

  9. Sephiroth says:

    Addon still crashes Game , unable to start WOT after installation.

  10. Lorenzo says:

    When I want to play the game it close after it starts to load! PLEASE HELP!!

  11. nothing says:

    is it released for 9.0 yet?

  12. zoomer96 says:

    I really like this mod pack. I haven’t used any mods with WOT but I broke down and installed this one. It works fine, except……..when a target pops up and I go to sniper mode to fire my computer freezes up. Just locks right up and sits there for about 10 to 20 seconds. It then picks back up just in time for me to take a huge hit or die. Please tell me there a work around. By the way, thanks for making this mod. It’s OK………….


  13. toolmanspain says:

    The mods is good, but the installer is still for the test version and so it rename the res_mods to that, so the game wont see it, so you need to rename the folder.

  14. GeneralJohnDavid says:

    love the mod pack, since last update of mod it works well for me. I would like to know if there are any mods to give an in battle count of enemies spotted. I scout a lot and I think that would be useful for scout badge, lol

  15. Barberian says:

    I’ve installed it from installer, from Aslain’s site several times. Each time I install it, I lose my garage, and if I click any other option it locks in place. Can’t close it or change it. I’ve tried everything to get the game back to normal. Only way to do so is to uninstall the mod. I’ve installed xvm from it’s home page. Everything is current.

    Any advice?

    • Kotetsu52 says:

      just don’t install it. Looks like the version they pulled for 9.3 is full of bugs… Better wait for a stable (an complete) one…

  16. Kotetsu52 says:

    Installed the latest Aslains mod and now I can’t start the game anymore… Cool it just crashes on start up…

  17. 123456789 says:

    Great Jobs

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