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[9.16] Camouflage icons for hangar + Premium tanks icons

Camouflage icons for the carousel, techtree, etc. At each nation its own camouflage, which helps to better navigate in the carousel to find the correct tanks.

Added Light version with low-contrast / brightness.

Added version with color schemes

icon light icon 3 icon2 icons1

Icon Premium tanks:


Improved standard icons WG

improve icons icon imo


[0.9.16] Icons camouflage by TPblHbl4_78 (16 Mb)

[0.9.16] Light Icons camouflage by TPblHbl4_78 (16 Mb)

Premium tanks:

[0.9.16] Light Icons premium by TPblHbl4_78 (14 Mb)

[0.9.16] Icons premium by TPblHbl4_78 (14 Mb)

Improved standard icons WG (brightness / contrast)

[0.9.16] Standard icons by TPblHbl4_78 (16 Mb)

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