Colored hits «Paintball» for 0.9.6

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On February 15, 2015, in World of Tanks Mods, by admin


You can easily see where the enemy tank has been hit. There are three versions Colored hits

Cyan hits:

Red hits:

Yellow hits:


How to install:

Copy the “gui” folder to: …\WORLD OF TANKS\RES_MODS\0.9.6


Paintball_Mod_by_LsHallo_v0.9.6 (150 Kb)

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6 Responses to Colored hits «Paintball» for 0.9.6

  1. Richard says:

    There is no specific GUI folder?
    – paintball
    – maps
    – fx
    – damage_stickers

    From which point should i copy and would i still drop direct into 0.8.8?

  2. George W. Danar says:

    copy maps folder into your world_of_tanks/res_mods/0.*.*/gui folder

  3. Carlos Faria says:

    Doesn’t work in 8.10…

  4. oskar says:

    i am new in wot do i have to make a 0.8.8 folder with gui and rest in it to have the paintball mod?

  5. Noghori says:

    The paintball mod is not working for me. I put it into the gui folder in the res mods for 9.3. Has anyone been able to get it working?

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