World of Tanks – free2play game in which you can select any tank of the Second World War and the war on it. After you select the tank you will get on a random map on which 30 players will fight.


World of Tanks European region

Download Full Client 0.9.15 (6.25 GB)

Latest Update:

latest update 0.9.13 to 0.9.15 (451 MB)

World of Tanks North American region

Download Full Client Archive

Full WoT archive 0.9.15 (6.2 GB)

Previous updates for the game client

The latest update from 0.9.14 to 0.9.15 (451 MB)

World of Tanks RU region

Full game client archive v 9.15 (6.2 GB)

Latest Update:

The latest update from v.9.14 to v.9.15 (488 MB)
The latest update from v.9.14 to v.9.15 torrent file

World of Tanks South-East Asian Region

Full game client archive v 9.13 (6.2 GB)

Latest Update:

The latest update from v.9.12 to v.9.13 (458 MB)
The latest update from v.9.12 to v.9.13 torrent file

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52 thoughts on “Download

  1. I belong to south asia but only European version is available for me rest are forbidden, will it be a problem if i installed European version?

  2. i downlod patch 8.10 to 8.11
    and replace files but this error in login game


    luncher try update 988 mg… WHY????

    (sorry bad english)

  3. Please, where is the good old “Full Client Offline Installer”?
    All links on this site or Wargaming Homepage only offer the stupid Online Installer.

    • Neutral Observer..Hardly..You have been in the tank for Tech since Bob Knight..Game of the century..That still gets me..I will however give you this..It is the biggest game of the wee..kOK..Saturday..Hook Em Horns..BTW..I love your blog..and especially like how easy your word verification is to spell..

  4. can You give me Audio Pacth Please I lost my Audio Pacth at Res File Please 🙁 I need that ( Res Pacth ) PLEASE I JUST PLAY MY GAME WITHOUT MUSIC AND VOICE

  5. I’m trying to download the full client for EU, but the link takes me to that small 5.something MB client installer! Please allow users to download the full client from your servers without needing to use the launcher! It’s way to slow!

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  8. is there a torrent file link for the full eu installer 9.3 ? cant find a working link coz this update destroyed my installfolder so i had to install new wot FU****

  9. Ou et le lien de torrent ???? , car je cherche a le télécharger sur utorrent car sur ma connexion cela va plus vite et ne pénalise pas la navigation …. car nez que 1.2 mega de connexion … merci 😉

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  11. Hello!

    I trying download the full europeean client 9.7 version, but only latest_install_eu (6Mb)…
    Where the full client 6,25 Gb??
    Please, help me! Thanks!

  12. Is there anywhere where I can download World of Tanks 9.12 full client version?
    I have a really good replay from 9.12 and now I can’t run it on the latest update, can someone help?

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