[9.5] Duke nukem voice mod

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On February 7, 2013, in WoT Sounds Mods, by admin

This is an audio mod to change in-game crew voices to clips and quotes from the king himself – Duke Nukem.


WARNING: This mod is definitely NSFW or for kids – lots of profanity!






Duke nukem voice mod  (13 Mb)

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8 Responses to [9.5] Duke nukem voice mod

  1. dyingsanity19 says:

    the spotting damage is no longer there….I mean,when an enemy is spotted,I doesn’t hear the BIP anymore.

  2. dyingsanity19 says:

    I don’t ,sorry *

  3. Geilordi says:

    This one needs an update for 8.6 version, WG changed the sound events. So the old version is missing a lot of effects.

  4. dee says:

    Please Please update to 8.6…everybody on the EU wants it

  5. x77e4 says:

    What Gunsight are u using?

  6. WorldSlayer says:

    Update needed that runs on version 8.11 stable – version Duke Mod Version 8.8 crashes to desktop during loading the new maps “ruinberg on fire” and “himmelsdorf on ice”

  7. bogan 1 says:

    well i reckon its great

  8. Teri Walton says:

    is there anyway, you can make the duke nukem sound a lil more adult or something because some of the saying work most of the time, but for some reason it’s laking something in the wot world.. maybe it’s me but I would love to hear more agressive sounds.

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