[0.9.7] kodos modpack v1.0 English & German

This package contains some useful mods that are needed for a comfortable game in World of Tanks 0.9.7

kodos modpack

Mods List:

– Horizontal TechTree

– Statistic

Premium Hangar without Premium account

– Damage Panel with repair timer;  fire message

– Damage Indicator

– Hitlog (xvm)

– Crosshair with reload timer

– MiniMap with tank names; view range

– Contour Icon Mod

– Zoom

– No Scroll Mod

– Colored Damage Sticker

– OTM with turret marker, fly away damage (xvm)

– Advanced Base Capture bar (xvm)

– Load whole Crew to an empty tank

Hangar Mods:
–  compact horizontal TechTree
– Premium Hangar without Premium account
– Statistic Mod (from lolcastan, modified
– Load whole Crew to an empty tank (xvm)

TechTree xvm-stats 4 3 2 1


Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4


Download: (11 MB) (11 MB)

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12 thoughts on “[0.9.7] kodos modpack v1.0 English & German

  1. Hi there I stopped using your modpack a while back because i had individual mods i was using However now i use all of kodos I like what you have done/changed to it. It looks very good and clean i have 1 problemwith the zoom i cannot scroll strait out into zoom or zoom into sniper can this be changed ??

    thanks for a great modpack

  2. nice mod but dislike litle vihicles in 2 rows in the garage and switching to the smalest zoom whan swiching to the sniper how can i change this?

  3. For a start ( you got it right ) love your work just some small things 8.11 mudpack ASAP I will be the 1st to say it … MiniMap with tank names; view range ( view range auto update )
    for the different tanks and the enemy line of site can we have it in arrows on lines or lines
    I now Im asking heaps …lol … but I love the mod-pack and so do %80 of my clan
    thanks again

  4. I use youre modpacks for a long time now, and I like them a lot.
    But when I use the latest version 0.9.2 v1, it’s not working.
    After zooming in the game stalls and doesn’t respond anymore.
    What should I change to get it working?

  5. Hello,
    I have a bug using this pack :
    when going into sniper mode, the cross is stuck upper left and I just can’t do anything whether the game continues.


  6. I downloaded mod pack but its crashed, every time I use sniper zoom the game freezes, I cant steer tank, shoot, can’t do anything!!!

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