Enhanced HD Minimaps by locastan & ShuraBB for WoT 9.12

Author: Locastan



Changes of 9.12::

– Update to 0.9.12.

IMPORTANT: Please make absolutely sure you put the Mmap.xml into res_mods (yes outside the version number folder!) or your game won’t start.


HDMinimap- (1 Mb)

HDMinimapSpaces (24 Mb)

HDMinimap_Full (25 Mb)

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36 thoughts on “Enhanced HD Minimaps by locastan & ShuraBB for WoT 9.12

  1. Thank you for the best work for this mod.It helped me a lot.It’s really a good mod.
    But if I want to add some range cycle, for example 100m 200m 300m 400m 500m 600m, to help me fast locate the enemy range, what should I add into the Mmap.xml?
    I tried to copy viewrange cycle program in another line and set it into 100 200 or other numbers, but it only show the viewrange cycle.What should I do to slove my problem?
    Please help me.
    Thank you very much.

  2. So.. i am totally not a tech guy and i downloaded the file. But before i do something wrong: what are the next steps? Thanks in advance 😉

  3. Dude, thank you for the fast update and for this great mode … I just can’t play without it anymore !! You and J1mbo are the best :)

  4. I’ve made new installation of WoT 8.10, and next install this mod: there hasn’t any other (foe) laser line of signs and hull directions then my… Anyone can help? Yes, Mmap.xml is into res_mods, not in 0.8.10 folder :)

  5. I found a problem with the 3rd gen 8.10 version. The variable “markerscale” no longer works. I usually set it to 0.5 so they are not so obnoxiously huge but the markers and the text stay at 1.0.

    • First of all I have to agree that this mod is just great, however with this 3rd gen version … I have faced the same issue. Once selected tank with no crew the game just hangs with spinning progress “refreshing tank” or something similar.
      I checked python.log in main game folder where some errors connected with minimap_helper.pyc were reported caused by some wrong ID. I hope it can be easily fixed by such a great developer.
      Please continue this great job. Best regards

  6. I’ve installed this and all is working ok but I never get the artillery range circle even though it’s set to be visible.

    Any ideas?

  7. Hi, first of all, thank you for this superb mods, it was fascinating and i get so used to it. i feel so uneasy to be unable to use it for patch 9.10. Can u pls help and fix this? Thanks in advance .

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