FD’s modpack v1.91 for World of Tanks

Today we present a new modpack, which have already evaluated many players. Modpack FD’s or Frost_DeatH –  is completely legal and authorized assembly. Mod includes a large number of useful and necessary modifications. Any player will find  everything he needs for a successful battle. In the assembly, you will find such mods:

PvJ50lz PXLLwEk H9k1sEX KcZMMo7


Run installer and follow the instructions


FDMOD_EN_1.91 (27 MB)

FDMOD_CZ_1.91 (27 MB)

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11 thoughts on “FD’s modpack v1.91 for World of Tanks

  1. Fixed atlast Ty. The best mod pack without going overboard. @Gabriel usually its in C drive, under Games World of Tanks, Res Mods take out the, configs,and mods folder just put that on your desk top or in a safe folder, and then replace with the folders you just downloaded into the ResMods.

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