GnomeFather’s Engine Pack v0.59 for World of Tanks 0.9.6

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On February 13, 2015, in WoT Sounds Mods, by admin

GnomeFather's Engine Pack

Sound arrangement tank engines, the sounds are from the Forgotten Hope 2 mod for Battlefield 2. There are some sounds, and for the British tanks, updated for WoT 0.9.6.

Change Log:

-Compatibility with 0.9.6


Copy the audio of … Game / World_of_Tanks / res and paste it into res_mos/0.9.6
Res_mods folder from the archive copy and paste into the game folder. res do not copy the folder


GnomeFather’s Engine Pack (330 Mb)

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15 Responses to GnomeFather’s Engine Pack v0.59 for World of Tanks 0.9.6

  1. BallaBallaBaby says:

    works fine for me, hope the gunsound mod will follow :)

    keep up the good work!

  2. satan212 says:

    This mod had a memory leak issue. After playing few battles game show ‘no memory’ error message.

  3. me says:

    all sounds apart from the engine sounds are gone, after installing this mod on 8.6

    plz FIX IT, the engine sounds are great!

    • Imahara says:

      Main issue of sounds not working after installing this mod is:
      You didn’t copy the Sounds folder from RES–>to–>Resmods! Or if you wanna have an almost lagfree game, install this mod in the RES AUDIO folder, but dont forget to always make a BACKUP of what you’re overwriting!

  4. Praetoriani says:

    sir your link is broken

  5. ich says:

    engine sound is really good ……but after install i dont have gun sound,voice,etc…..

  6. Jimmy Wilkinson says:

    Is there a way to turn down the sound when you go to sniper mode? I love the engine sounds but they get really loud in sniper mode.

    I am retired army and the sounds remind me of riding around in the tracked vehicles!!


  7. VXT says:

    Thanks for updating :) this makes the game so much better!

  8. the best username says:

    do I just extract the res mods folder

  9. Scoot says:

    It looks like is not working with 8.11 ;/

    • Scoot says:

      OK… IT does not need to copy audio to res_mods

      • Ken says:

        You simply need to make a backup of the original unmodified audio folder so you can undo the mod install. Put it anywhere on your p c you want that you will remember. The res_mods folder was just a suggestion, and not in the update folder(8.11) within the res_mods folder as you must have been doing but beside it.

  10. WIDE_LOAD says:

    Can you make a low-end PC version? One that isn’t so memory intensive? Love the mod but I get lagging, and ‘out of memory’ warnings every 6 games or so.
    The ‘lite’ version could maybe not feature quite so many different types of engine sounds, but perhaps just say a generic maybach sound for most panthers etc. I’m sure you could slim down the amount of individual sounds to probably half, and it’d still sound awesome.

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