HD tanks for update 9.17.1. Part one

Friends! As we reported earlier in the update 9.17.1 will be new tanks in HD quality. More than 20 models will now be transferred to HD. We propose to get acquainted with the first tanks in the list:

Object 268

7lxomlz-min 9trxcsn-min r1hkwvi-min

Object 263

rw2f0n7-min dhate3g-min f8tw6gt-min

Object 140

9dm456v-min acjnixz-min c6r8uaw-min


7uh1awy-min a4f7h1z-min td8mjn0-min

Hotchkiss H35

6ddxzgh-min zs6uuxe-min e0in0id-min

E 50

2nvcvnh 0a2khi6-min iyypq78-min

AT 7

2nvcvnh-min 7njcbf9-min xy7kv7h-min

AT 2

5da4i29-min ouiyu41-min q73pvvj-min


9lq4wcs-min e72w5kt-min mbx7dsq-min
AMX 38

1486055763_amx_38_4-min 1486055738_amx_38_6-min 1486055869_amx_38_1-min

4nxx9my-min 5jqpfzw-min xzkgk3p-min


5geknbv-min j2hdtnn-min jyzjidx-min

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