[0.9.6] Jove Mod Pack v17.3

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On February 21, 2015, in ModPack, by admin

jove mod pack

Best modifications to upgrade 0.9.6 in the same mod pack from Jove to World of Tanks. A variety of panel damage, scopes, bullets, tanks, advanced statistics, XVM articles, programs to increase FPS.

The new version of the mod pack for WoT 0.9.6 updated convenient installer for Windows, allows you to set mode both individually and collectively.
This assembly is tested with 0.9.6 and fully working!

Mod list

1. Convenient sights with angles traverse
2. Scope Shadow Remover 
3. Information panel selected target
4. Panel points:
– How do Jove
– Battle of the player interface zayaz
5. Alarm bells crit (removes national voice acting).
6. Camera Zoom mod.
* NoScroll – wheel does not switch to sniper mode
* Disable dynamic camera shake.
7. Change the look:
* Disable camouflage and inscriptions
*  Hitzones (not all tanks)
* Bright Railway platform on maps
8. Increase visibility
9. Improvements in the hangar:
* Detailed descriptions of the crew skills
* Statistics gaming session
10. Comprehensive XVM mod 
11. WoT Tweaker Plus





JovesModPack_0.9.6 v17.3 (116 Mb)

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22 Responses to [0.9.6] Jove Mod Pack v17.3

  1. Decio says:

    ProMod 88 works very well, the item SixthSense not appear to be detected. How do I work? My version 8.8 and 5.0 test the eighteenth.

  2. jastekj23 says:

    the mod pack is great, but I had some problem installing it, as installer is fully in russian. could it come in english please?

  3. noone says:

    just delete the “text” folder in:


  4. p_awelecv8 says:

    It works,but i can’t buy any camouflage :(

  5. lukajdo says:

    please only crosshair

  6. dmpokusaev says:

    Jove please add team health bar mod and minion sound pack for the next patch please

  7. basss37 says:


    i think your modpack is the best of all :)
    i mean… how cant u like it? a lot of chooses and info about (most) mods.

    thanks for your work :)

    Best regards basss37

  8. basss37 says:

    oh, just one thing, can u also put in a mod to skip the wot intro and auto loging????

  9. NotAFool (I hope lol) says:

    No v16 here and even download link “JovesModPack_0.9.5 v15 (128 Mb)” is a fake and leads to an old pack for 9.0.4 dated 4.11.2014

  10. justinas says:

    hi jove, your mode good, but in stronhold your mod not work, players black and so on… please test it on stronhold :)

  11. Davor says:

    In 0.9.4 sniper had 25x magnification. Now I can’t get more than 16x.
    Did I missed something during setup, or…?

  12. Galskiq says:

    Hi all i want to ask why after instalation i dont see my gold and credits in uper corner ?
    anyone have this problem ?

  13. LoWoC4Man says:

    I would like to thank you for the work you do to help us all a lot.
    Thank you for your dedication because this game without your mod, it would not be the same.

  14. Sarunas says:

    Hello, how to rename zayaz croshair to english, change text to ready?

  15. vinopic says:

    Hello I have problem wit this mod. Please how can i uninstal this mod? Problem is with the mision. (sorry for english)

  16. as says:

    why this mod not in torrent? ;/

  17. Karl says:

    Simply the best Mod pack, one request your update window that appears in WOT that informs us of that your next update in ready could that also have english translation.

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