[0.9.12] Jove Mod Pack Extended v23.2

jove mod pack

Best modifications to upgrade 0.9.12 in the same mod pack from Jove to World of Tanks. A variety of panel damage, scopes, bullets, tanks, advanced statistics, XVM articles, programs to increase FPS.

The new version of the mod pack for WoT 0.9.12 updated convenient installer for Windows, allows you to set mode both individually and collectively.
This assembly is tested with 0.9.12 and fully working!

Mod list

1. Convenient sights with angles traverse
2. Scope Shadow Remover 
3. Information panel selected target
4. Panel points:
– How do Jove
– Battle of the player interface zayaz
5. Alarm bells crit (removes national voice acting).
6. Camera Zoom mod.
* NoScroll – wheel does not switch to sniper mode
* Disable dynamic camera shake.
7. Change the look:
* Disable camouflage and inscriptions
*  Hitzones (not all tanks)
* Bright Railway platform on maps
8. Increase visibility
9. Improvements in the hangar:
* Detailed descriptions of the crew skills
* Statistics gaming session
10. Comprehensive XVM mod 
11. WoT Tweaker Plus




jovesmodpack_0_9_12_v23_2 – Torrent Link

JovesModPack _0.9.12_v23.2 (201 Mb)

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44 thoughts on “[0.9.12] Jove Mod Pack Extended v23.2

  1. ProMod 88 works very well, the item SixthSense not appear to be detected. How do I work? My version 8.8 and 5.0 test the eighteenth.


    i think your modpack is the best of all :)
    i mean… how cant u like it? a lot of chooses and info about (most) mods.

    thanks for your work :)

    Best regards basss37

  3. WTF???
    No v16 here and even download link “JovesModPack_0.9.5 v15 (128 Mb)” is a fake and leads to an old pack for 9.0.4 dated 4.11.2014

  4. I would like to thank you for the work you do to help us all a lot.
    Thank you for your dedication because this game without your mod, it would not be the same.

  5. Simply the best Mod pack, one request your update window that appears in WOT that informs us of that your next update in ready could that also have english translation.

  6. In version 9.7 messages are in russian and personal score is changed. Can you fix them please? The mod will be flawless. Thx.

  7. This mod for 9.7 is nonsense. It replaces all national messages with russian versions. Whoever likes russian can install this. I can’t understand those russo-mongolian hieroglyphs.

  8. Dude, you need to change the blog so that the last comment is the first to show. No body wants to know what the other guy said in 2013!
    Having said that, best regards. :)

  9. (strategicMode)3(/strategicMode) what configures this line? For what use it?
    (sniperMode)2(/sniperMode) what configures this line? For what use it?
    (flags) ext, dm (/flags) what configures this line? For what use it?

  10. Hi! Is it any possibillity to get this modpack in English only? I installed it on my new .9.9 and it worked like a charm, except for the msgs was in russian or what language that was. So was also the menu for config the modpack in the game/garage.

    Please tell me where I can get it all in english.

    Best regards from Arnt Petter in Norway

    • Yeap, i would like it on to be on English. I can understand something but not all… :) Regards from Serbia :)
      P.S. or jsut tell us where to go and to translate it all on Eng or whatever language we want :)

  11. JOVE why do u have to insert that stupid message and not being able to remove it? it’s just u being idiot or retard?

    • I would like to know what intellectual property that these other mod pack creators stole from you. I want to remove it and be done with anything from JOVES. Because you place Adware into a mod, just kinda erks me off. I WOULD NEVER TELL ANYONE TO USE JOVE’s there is nothing special about yours alone.

  12. Which mod is this, so I can uninstall it? Not interested in anything that contains nagware, and man, this is bad. Every few games, it complains that I haven’t installed the whole thing (I use OMC modpack). Anyone know which mod it might be so I can ditch it? Never want to hear about this @#$% mod again.

  13. F**king moron, I am not going to install your freaking modpack, please stop bothering players that have installed other modpacks than yours with that f**ked in-game message.
    Doubt that you have created all the mods on your own, you do not have right to spam the WoT either.

  14. can you please stop sending me messages? I get them after EVERY SINGLE BATTLE…. it said: we will not bother you again… so please don’t bother me again

  15. How do you get rid of the persistent popup notification. It says you will never see it again but every 10 games or so I have to click it to make it go away.

  16. cannot stabilize TD, especially St.Emil, friendly fire is allowed in 9.12 update, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive is not working on IS-3, too many mistakes in mod….

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