[0.9.16] Mod “Night War” for WoT

Mod, which completely changes the graphics and game design. Experience new sensations and possibilities of the game.

The prototype of this mod in Internet can be called Mod Turn on headlights, but it is only the basic version. Mod “Night War” has a lot of benefits and advantages. In contrast the “Turn on headlights” in the new modification changes completely all light. Also appears twilight mode or even night.

Thus, change not only the graphics of the game, but also the feeling of the players from the game. There are new opportunities. For example, you can from a distance to see the approaching enemy tanks, as will be seen the light of his headlights included. In daylight, you would simply have not noticed. Night, the starry sky, the bright lights of enemy tanks, luminous moon – all this completely changes the style of the game, making it more mysterious. We recommend all test this mod.

The mod is fully adaptive to the current version 9.16. Author of mod are Polyacov_Yury and Pb13.

shot_256 shot_255 shot_254 shot_253

How to install:

res_mods in the game folder, confirm the replacement.


Night War (4 MB)

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2 thoughts on “[0.9.16] Mod “Night War” for WoT

  1. Everything seems to work but I can’t get rid of the day light. I see the night sky but it just feels like I’m playing like almost nothin has changed as It’s like normal day with night sky

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