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[ModPack] Mods by Jove v21.2 for 0.9.10

Meet the latest ModPack by Jove v21.2 for World of Tanks 9.10. We have gathered for you 13 best mods World of Tanks.

List of mods included in this assembly :
Convenient sights :
– Jove sight
– Minimalistic
– Turquoise
– Sight Vspishka
– Sight Amway921
– Sight Murazora
– Super sight of MeltyMap
– Arty- sight ” Sword of Damocles ”
– Arty- sight “TAIPAN”
– Sight as Cyril Oreshkina

Useful things :
– Scope Shadow Remover
– Damage indicator
– SafeShot: Disable random shooting corpses and allies
– Calculator Modifications of MeltyMap

Traverse Angle:
– Out of the corner
– Theater
– Big semicircle
– From MeltyMap

Information panel selected target:
– Recharge & review
– Easy panel
– Colour panel

Damage Panel:
– How Jove
– Battle interface by zayaz
– The damage panel by GambitER
– Minimalistic panel by marsoff

Battle chat:
– Notification of the recharge time
– Message History

bell crit

Seclusion camera:
– NoScroll
– Turn off the camera shake dynamic

Changing the appearance of:
– Disabling camouflage and inscriptions
– Hitzones
– Colored decals projectile
– Bright RAILWAY platform on maps

Increase visibility

Improvements in the hangar:
– Statistics gaming session
– Vertical tree development
– List of tanks in two rows
– More filters list tanks
– Displaying the fighting in the platoon
– Ping
– Change in camouflage hangar
– Detailed description of skills
– Clock

Integrated fashion XVM:
– Alternative art markers
– “Sprockets” – markers glows in the ears of the opposing team
– Mini-map with sonar – tracking enemies
– Log personal damage: simple and detailed
– Red Stoplight “The Sixth Sense”
– Aka “The Sixth Sense”
– Alternative icons tanks in the ears of the team: three options
WoT Tweaker Plus – program to improve FPS




JovesModPack _0.9.10_v21.2 (120 Mb)

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16 thoughts on “[ModPack] Mods by Jove v21.2 for 0.9.10

  1. Exe? in russian? Asking you i agree several times?
    If you do an installer, please do it in english. Didn’t test ^^

  2. i uninstall, too many informations in garage, and in game that i don’t understand a word. but seems to be a complete mod, just have to translate it

  3. Ru -only installer – that’s bad. And Russian only UI – even more bad. Don’t bother me, because I’m Russian, but there is major security breach, Installed over EU or USA version it breaks button which automatically opens store web page – it tries to open and login to RU website using player’s creds.

  4. 3 what configures this line? For what to use it?
    2 what configures this line? For what to use it?
    ext, dm what configures this line? For what to use it?

    • strategicMode>3 what configures this line? For what to use it?
      sniperMode>2 what configures this line? For what to use it?
      flags> ext, dm what configures this line? For what to use it?

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