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[9.14] Mod Pack with XVM by QuickyBabyTV

Commanders! Presenting your attention the popular modPack from YouTube channel “QuickyBabyTV”! This ModPack included only the most useful…

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[0.9.5] wRR ModPack i wRR XVM Installer WoT. PL

wRR Mod Pack i wRR XVM Installer dla World of Tanks 0.9.5. Autor: wRR WRR ModPack zawiera:

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[9.5] Animated SixthSense Mod (Standalone) + Sound (No XVM needed!)

Interesting new mod sixth sense developed player “GTO 2013”.

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[0.9.4] Xft’ XVM modPack v4.5.7

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[9.0] Coolice’s Modpack (incl. XVM 5.2.1)

This mod pack contains only the most necessary and informative mods. Author: Coolice

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[0.8.11] + XVM. MOD-PACK from Innota for WoT. 11.02.2014

Workers assembling mods World of Tanks – Common Test Assembling works only on the test server! added…

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Kaeptn’s UI 6 [User interface] & XVM – 07.03.2014

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PNG STYLE – XVM Setting For WoT 8.5

New mod for World of Tanks XVM PNG STYLE. Author: Kriegstreibers

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ENGiAND’s XVM Config 4.1.0 – 8.7

ENGiAND’s – XVM config – XVM 4.1.0 for World of Tanks Xvm.xvmconf is setup to show individual tank…

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Roughnecks Tank XVM 5.0.0 for 8.8

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