Patton M60 in World of Tanks

M60 2

Patton M60 – the average American tank level 10


The main technical characteristics of the tank:
Health:: 2000
Weight: 45 966
Hull armor: 93/73/25
Turret armor: 177/76/50
Engine power: 750
Max speed (km/h): 48,3
Turning rate (grades/s): 52
Shell damage: 390/390/480
Penetration: 268/350/53
Rate of fire: 6.82
Turret turn rate: 40
Viewrange: 420
Radio range: 750

Gun: 100 mm Gun M68
– Ammo capacity:57
– Reload time: 8.8

Engine: Continental AVDS-1790-2
– Type: diesel
– Power: 750

Radio: AN/VRC-12
Signal range: 750

Screenshots of the tank:

M60 2 m60 M60_Patton 1 M60-Patton-Dozer-latrun-3



Patton M60. Hit zones / Armor model

armor model  2 armor model  3 armor model 1 armor model 4 armor model 5 armor model бронирование и экраны

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