Scope Shadow Removal for WoT 9.6

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On February 10, 2015, in World of Tanks Mods, by admin

Author: unknown.
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This mod removes the blacked out portion of your screen during sniper mode.

How to install:

Copy the “gui? folder to: …\WORLD OF TANKS\RES_MODS\0.9.6


Install the ‘ScopeShadow’ file manually to \0.9.6\gui\scaleform


ScopeShadowRemove_961 (2 Kb)

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11 Responses to Scope Shadow Removal for WoT 9.6

  1. sing781211 says:


    there no have gui inside

  2. user says:

    8.7. version doesn’t work

  3. orcaman says:

    8.8 this works rename it to shadowcamera or what ever just take the pyc file from it and install in it normal folder

  4. Lornito Mahinay, Jr. says:

    Any compatible one for 8.10 update?

  5. marutz says:

    does this imporves fps in sniping mode?

  6. Martillo says:

    Don´t work in 8.11

  7. john says:

    Thank You, its WORKING!!!

  8. john says:


    World of Tanks / res_mods / 0.8.11/ scripts / client / avatarinputhandler / dynamiccameras / snipercamera.pyc

  9. john says:

    IT WORKS 100%!!!

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