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SpeedTree – vegetation removal for WOT

In fact, everyone knows mega popular forbidden mod – Tundra. SpeedTree – is the same mod, or rather the progenitor of the Tundra. SpeedTree main function – is to remove all vegetation from the map, including grass, trees and foliage. But unlike his contemporary SpeedTree has the main advantage – mod is good for slowe computers and does not lower FPS. For owners of does not powerful PC, this news will be important.

For your convenience, the author has developed a modification in 3 versions: mod removes all the leaves, there is only 50% of the vegetation or only 25% of the vegetation on the map. You can choose any convenient option for you.

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We remind mod refers to the section of prohibited modifications for  use of it you can be punished by a ban or account unit. Also we recommend do not  expose to the Internet replays and screenshots of the game with mod.


speedtree (10 MB)

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