[9.10] Cave and Multiple Garages

shot_032 shot_031

Wargaming company again delighted us with a new hangar.
Technology hangar for World of Tanks 0.9.10 made ​​very colorful and realistic. At this time, your tank will be on one of the platforms tank factory. Hangar came stylish and modern. UPD: 08.09.2015

Hangar list:

Cave Hangar aka Tech Hangar
Tutorial Hangar aka Forest hangar
Town hangar
Standard Hangar
Premium Hangar (without Premium account)
Fury hangar
Summer hangar

More Screenshots:

shot_010 shot_009 shot_008 shot_007 shot_006 shot_005



Download the archive and unpack it here: res_mods/0.9.10


Technology hangar (249 Mb)

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18 thoughts on “[9.10] Cave and Multiple Garages

  1. HEY ! Musicie najpierw wypakować pliki które są w tym pliku, a potem je wrzucić do folderu /res mods !

  2. Hey, please can you update this cool mod for 9.7. Or if not, can some one else take over this mod and update it. I will happily do it for you if you show me how to. 😉

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