Textures compressed to 25% for WoT 0.9.9

This compressed textures, up 25% from the original, weighs 174 MB instead of ~ 5 GB. Help players who have a weak video card, and speed up the loading of battle.

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The goal was to make the texture is not only fast, but also to save them to a decent detail and eye-pleasing picture.
No exaggeration to say that the texture turned out great! AHumex
Very good value for the size, performance and image quality. Author: AHumex. Compatible with the client version:  0.9.9



Extract the contents of the archive: 10 bat files, 7za and package Wot_xx%

The contents of the folder “WoT_xx%” are placed in the “packages”
which is located in such a way \ World_of_Tanks \ res \ packages

run double click .bat file autoinstall_ [9.x] and wait for the installation process

AHumex_Textures_25% (174 Mb)

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6 thoughts on “Textures compressed to 25% for WoT 0.9.9

  1. Can u convert the files for me? do i just copy and paste it into the folder after that? (replacing the original)

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