This compressed textures, and 3% of the original, weighs 11 MB instead of ~ 5 GB. Help players who have a weak video card, and speed up the loading of battle.

22 11

Subjected to compression of the texture folders:
content – up to 3% – construction and different objects
flora \ Debris_city – 3% – garbage on city maps
maps – to 3% – surface textures
particles – up to 3% – some of the texture of objects
speedtree – up to 12% – the trees and shrubs
system – up to 3% – some of the texture of objects
vehicles – up to 3% technology, 25% of them harps, and camouflage




AHuMex_Textures (12 Mb)

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One Response to Textures compressed to 3% World of Tanks [8.9]

  1. Corvette5 says:

    the download link is buged man, can you plz fix it or add a mirror to a difrent dl site, thanks

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