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The players rating without XVM in the battle [0.9.16]

XVM mod is simply indispensable for players. It shows players with a personal rating and rating players in team. So you will know whith whom you will be playing in the team. But players with weak PC can not use it because it use too many resources.

But mod  personal rating in battle without XVM 0.9.16 will help and will not plant a FPS. To demonstrate personal player rating, mod uses WG rating, which is produced by WG API. In the archive you will find 2 choices of mod:

– Rating WGR
– Rating EFF

Recall that the EFF Rating displays % wins +  the number of battles. A Rating WGR – this is the scale that determines the efficiency of the player, it is the replacement XVM mod. Lovers and professionals can be distinguished by color:

red – noob

brown – very bad player

yellow – bad player

green – norm

blue – good

purple – cheater

Plus mod has easy and affordable configuration file:
WOT \ res_mods \ configs \ StatsInBattle \ StatsInBattle.json. Do not forget to use program NotePad++.

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The players rating without XVM  (41 MB)

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