[9.9] WoT Model Editor v26

The program WoT Model Editor, for editing and creating models of the game. With it, you can change the hangar, a new model of the tank, etc.




The program can work with the following file formats: *. OBJ and *. FBX. Possible to export and import.

The program currently in beta testing.


WoT_Model_Editor_B26 (6.7 Mb)

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8 thoughts on “[9.9] WoT Model Editor v26

  1. Let?lt?ttem a programot de nem tudom megnyitni a primitves f?jlt. Hiba: Nem tal?lhat? a k?vetkez? el?r?si ?t r?sze.:”C/wot_temp/innerxml.xml”

    I downloaded the program but I can not open the file Primitives. Error: Unable to find the path of: “. C / wot_temp / innerxml.xml”


  2. have the same error message… unable to find the path of c:\wot_temp\InnerXml.xml .
    any solution for this please?

  3. Hi. It’s not working at 0.9.5 ver.

    After I have edited my own tank in 3d maxs and I do “write Primitive”, WOT game can read that edited file.
    Ps. I use this tool several month ago without any problem. I think It needs upgrade Isn’t it?

  4. CRASH!
    “Could not find a part of the path C:\wot_temp\InnerXml.xml.”

    I shouldn’t have to create my own temporary directory on my C:\ drive. lol. That’s ridiculous.

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