[0.9.5] wRR ModPack i wRR XVM Installer WoT. PL

wRR Mod Pack i wRR XVM Installer dla World of Tanks 0.9.5. Autor: wRR

WRR ModPack zawiera:


— Celowniki:

—- J1mB0’s Crosshair Mod 1.46

—- Mr_Tez CircleCross

—- Mr_Tez SquareCross

— Zoom Mod Minimal/Medium /Maximal

— Panel Shells Mod (ammo clip + big numbers)

— Remove Stalin inscriptions

— Startup Video Remover

— Kodos Compact Horizontal Tech-tree

— Accurate Damage Indicator

— Received Damage Announcer 2.0

— Multilined TankCarousel

— Scope Shadow Remover

— Paintball Mod

— WoT Tank Stat Calculator 0.5

wRR XVM Installer:



rai19 s4yl2v GqjgwkX CVO5V qEtKZ shot_010 (1)

Jak zainstalować:
Instalator wykrywa katalog w którym zainstalowana jest gra.


095_xvm (7 Mb)

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