Camera Zoom mod x30 []


This mod will increases in several times the multiplicity of sight for  Snipe. Mode. If your opponent is very far away, to aim in it now become much easier. Use the mouse wheel for zoom in/out.

You will find several mod options in archive :

smooth zoom mod x30  (1.6 3 5 8 13 17 21 24 27 30)
fast zoom mod x30    (2 4 8 12 16 20 22 25 30)
smooth zoom mod x16    (2 4 8 12 16)
fast zoom mod x16   (2 4 8 16)
How to install:
To install a mod, download and unpack.
“gui” folder from the archive put here: …\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\

Compatible with World of Tanks

Camera Zoom mod  (100 KB)

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19 thoughts on “Camera Zoom mod x30 []

  1. I’m running WoT 9.6 with XVM and Battle Assistant 1.2.5-3. After adding this mod (downloaded 2015-02-12 11:30) game freezes on the battle load screen.

    TLDR: Does not work

  2. Need help?
    Why does scrollSensitivity does not work for strategicMode?
    I have set it to 50 but steps for scrolling in artilery sniper is much smaller.
    This problem for me is very old one.

  3. solved … On the game configuration, GENERAL, and on the right side (of the battle interface) you must click to activate the x22 and x30 option.

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