Camera Zoom mod [9.6]

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On February 10, 2015, in World of Tanks Mods, by admin


Use the mouse wheel for zoom in/out.
How to install:
To install a mod, download and unpack.
“gui” folder from the archive put here: …\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.6

Compatible with World of Tanks 9.6

zoom-mod96(0.1 Mb)

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10 Responses to Camera Zoom mod [9.6]

  1. mircius says:

    work for 9.0 ?

  2. grubelix says:

    Blokuje grę, nie polecam !! :( :(

  3. gro says:

    strasznie zamula, does not work properly

  4. Despu says:

    Causes freeze on loading screen, this mod version (feb 10) is not working with 9.6.

  5. isoT says:

    feb 11: does not work with 9.6:
    freezes loading into the battle

  6. no_name says:

    I’m running WoT 9.6 with XVM and Battle Assistant 1.2.5-3. After adding this mod (downloaded 2015-02-12 11:30) game freezes on the battle load screen.

    TLDR: Does not work

  7. Zeltnesis says:

    Works for me, but i cant see my camo when in battle.

  8. bumbumgun says:

    does not work with 9.6:
    freezes loading into the battle

  9. Jack Bauer says:

    Confirmed NOT working with 9.6, as bumbumgun said – it freezes loading into battle.

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