[9.20.1] Mod – reload timer enemies and allies tank gun

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Useful mod recharge enemy tank for World of Tanks When used correctly, will increase your chances of winning. MMany players consider this mod cheat. This function is taken from the XVM.

As soon as an enemy tank does a shot over it appears red animated countdown timer to the next shot.

IMPORTANT! This mod is a cheat World of Tanks! Its use can threaten your account blocking!


Download and unzip the archive
Copy the contents to: \ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ patch.


Mod – reload timer enemies and allies tank gun (139 Kb)

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33 thoughts on “[9.20.1] Mod – reload timer enemies and allies tank gun

    • It’s not cheat PALADIN cuz u can see in the tech tree for each tank and gun how much is reload time and remember it and you can count in-game after some tank fires a shot… but with this mod you don’t have to remember, search in tech tree and count in-game. The mod does it for you 🙂
      it’s like in counting cards in black jack, it’s not ilegal, but house (casino) dosen’t like to lose money 😀
      Sorry for my english if i spell something wrong
      Mod dosen’t work on 9.13

      • Yo dude its cheating allright yes you can count every tanks reload infront of you, but this mod does it for ALL tanks even the arty! there is no way in hell you can keep track of all those reloads at the same time without this mod. So yea its cheating you have a big advatage using this mod.

        • Yeah well wargaming says its fine, and it honestly aint as bad as you make out, i remember the reloads of about 25% of the T8’s 😛 wouldnt be hard to practice the others… and lets be honest, if your fighting at every tier then sure its remembering every tank for you… if your usually fight T7-T10 then those reloads become pretty standard. 🙂

      • And that’s where you’re wrong, Suski.
        Cheats are mods which give an unfair advantage towards yourself against the enemy.
        Reload Timers are cheats considering that you know when the enemy has reloaded.

  1. If your knowledge about the tanks is sufficient then you would already know the reload times. This is helpful for those that find remembering reload times trying.

    • You cant memorize everything because you have to take into account the crew training, brothers in arms perk or whether they have a gun rammer or not.

      • The mod doesn’t take that into account either, it uses the WG default reload for the gun that tank is using. Meaning they could have a faster or slower reload based on equipment and training

  2. The mod doesn´t work with version 9.9. I´ve followed the steps for instalation of the mod but doesn´t work.

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