[] Forbidden autoaim “Vanga” for WOT

Vanga – is one of the most functional and useful cheat sights for  World Tanks.
Autoaim Vanga has the most important and necessary characteristics during the battle. Vanga is a forbidden improved autoaim , which has several advantages:
– Automatic calculation of pre-emption. If your opponent moves is not easy to get into it, you need to shoot a little bit in front – it is pre-emption. This sight can calculates  opponents speed and making an accurate to shot on pre-emption itself. Now you can improve your stats considerably.
– Mod has three points of aiming for convenience.  If you know your enemy weakness you will be able to inflict damage at it. You can select the bottom of the housing, its center or aiming the tower.
– Also you will be able to conduct a takeover target  not on the contour of the enemy tank but radius around the tank. You only need to click near the enemy tanks and mod will make the capture automatically.

– Plus, if your opponent in glare on your screen will be a special indicator in the form of three red icons, which will be informed about it.

This mod has useful functions and advantage for the players during the battle, so gamers that use this sight can banned or lock accounts  by developers.
World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \
Keys Numpad6, Numpad9  are responsible for the management of the mod. Customize sights can be editing the configuration file lsdmax_proaim.xml in the scripts folder \ client \ mods \.
Vanga mod (68 KB)

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20 thoughts on “[] Forbidden autoaim “Vanga” for WOT

  1. Hello,
    Your mod is really nice. thank you.

    Is it possible to desactivate the weak point aimbot and keep only autoaim with right clic ?

    Best regards

  2. funciona ytodo pero en los replay la reticula se ve muy mal n oes como otros mods que no dejan rastro de eso por ejemplo aplico el auto apuntar ok si pero en el replay se ve la reticula apintando a la izquierda y el tanque esta a la derecha

  3. your mod is shit ! it aims in the midle of the tank and when click to unlock the target it jumps to another one and so it needs to right click 3-4 times to unlock the targets.

  4. i got the message object not found if i aim an tank and i got red boxes instead……
    I put These 2 Folders into 09.19.1 Folder (scripts and objects)

  5. you can make it work by going into the XML config file and changing scope.dds to either “scopeG.dds” or “scopeR.dds”

  6. works good for me.
    What does Numpad6 do?
    What does Numpad9 do?
    nothing shows in game in the chat box nor the text area above minimap as with other mods when turning on or off mods. Please clariy

  7. For who is having trouble using this or installing it, just extract the folder “configs” to ” World_of_Tanks\mods ” and the wotmod files to ” World_of_Tanks\mods\ “.
    To use it just click RMB on a enemy.

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