[9.14] “Сhameleon” forbidden mod for World of Tanks

Mod  Сhameleon consists of 3 popular and useful modifications that can significantly improve your game statistics.

Chameleon is completely a cheat mod, which consists of 3 famous and popular modification. Developers can punished gamers for use category forbidden mods.
Features and advantages of mod lies in the presence of such modifications:

– Mod X-rays. This mod makes all  obstacles impeding to see the enemy tank – transparent. Now, neither the trees nor the rocks will not disturb you.

– Bright  tank skins that show the reservation. Enemy tanks will be bright and very noticeable.

– Mod that will show shadows glare of the tanks. If even enemy is not visible on the screen, you will always know about its presences + the name of the battle vehicle.

Only one mod, shadows glare of the tanks, is  visible on default.  To activate the X-ray mod press “U” and press the “I” to activate the bright model of tanks.


hameleon-1-600x338 3 2


World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 9.14


forbidden mod Сhameleon (50 KB)


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