A pillar on the spot last glare opponent WOT 0.9.16

If, due to an active battle you do not notice the last place where the enemy was glare, the mod will help you with this. Tankers have long time asked for a mod that will fix the place of disappearance the enemy in glare. Today, we want to offer such modification. This mod is cheat, the use of which you can get punished, so do not spread the screenshots of the game in the Internet.

You overtook the enemy and were ready to deliver a powerful hit, but suddenly the enemy simply disappeared in glare. As soon as you make a maneuver to the right or to the left then to lose a specific place where the enemy was gone – is easily. To avoid this situation, we offer mod  Pillar  on the spot last glare opponent.

Place of enemy  departure from the glare will be bright, colorful column, which will indicate the specific location of the enemy. You just have to assume the action of the enemy: to stay on the site and wait or try to guess the correct course. Despite the fact that the enemy can not see the bright pillars will show its location.


1472552561_shot_004 1472552523_shot_006 1472552748_shot_001 1472552733_shot_002


A pillar on the spot last glare opponent  (1 MB)

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