Autoaim Darktim for World of Tanks 0.9.19

Tankers! We offer you a wonderful autoaim with advanced features. Firstly mod has great pre-emption. When an enemy tank will be moving at a high speed mod can calculate right pre-emption and inform the player. Secondly mod can find and demonstrate the strong and weak points of the enemy tank.

If the enemy tank hidden behind impenetrable object, and your shot will not be ineffective –  mod  will warn you about this. Do not forget that mod is prohibited to use the developers, so do not be put online replays and screenshots of the game in the Internet.


1472555224_shot_008 1472555263_shot_010 1472555252_shot_012 1472555222_shot_016

Setting sight
res_mods \ 0.9.19 \ scripts \ client \ gui \ mods \ EPRST \ xml \ EP_aimbot.xml


Autoaim Darktim(523 KB)

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16 thoughts on “Autoaim Darktim for World of Tanks 0.9.19

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  2. And yet, the one complaint NOT built in the WOT interface is SUSPECTED USE OF CHEAT. People running through a battle, never slowing down, but always hit the best spot on your tank. Killing you in your Crom or ELC as you are going full speed and they one shot you. Of course, WOT’s latest MM is worse than ever in stacking and fixing a battle from the start. Just their way to keep majority of people at around 50%. I suppose that is OK as I have no better offer for MM. But the cheats…..surely WOT can build in a way to analyze suspected cheaters by their stats/hit %/avg dmg etc.

    But still enjoying the game… (even though my stats are awful)..and I won’t cheat.

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