Forbidden autoaim by SAE for WOT [9.20.1]

Today we present one the most popular cheat mods for tankers – automatic sight by SAE for WOT [9.20.1]

Sight plays a major role in the game during the fight. So for the player, it is very important to make the right choice among a wide variety of sights. Today we bring you the most useful and functional automatic sight by SAE. Automatic sight means that most part of work scope will do automatically.

The mod advantage is feature capture target despite obstacles such as rocks or tree, the presence of aiming points, the calculation of pre-emption, the possibility of points self-selection, the enemy surveillance if it disappeared from the glare and much more. As you know aims at the enemy who stands and who moves are two different things. To get to the enemy that move you have to shoot on pre-emption. Now all this will do mod.  You can turn on and turn off mod using the Numpad key.

All these features give an advantage to the player during the fight so mod illegal and banned developers. You can have can be punished in the form of block account or ban from WG.


802 801 800

Folder World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 9.20.1 + scripts from the downloaded archive.


sae (3Mb)

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