INDIGO mod for World of Tanks []

Friends! We introduce you a very effective mod that can improve your combat statistics. Mod that is enjoyed quite an impressive number of players.

Mod INDIGO consists of 2 mods inside.Mod “X-ray” and “Tundra” mod. This mods will be indispensable in the fight for the players who want to play with the most positive statistics and  inflict  a huge blow to their opponents. Mod gives for player not only assistance but also a significant advantage in fights so therefore is illegal and classified as Prohibited or so called Cheat mods. You can get banned from WG or account lockout for the user of this type of mods. All  responsibility for the using this mod is on  player!

The mod advantage is on removing obstacles from your map thereby opening your opponent’s tank  in full view. Having such an advantage aiming becomes much easier and more efficient. The archive presents 2 types of modification:
– Tundra (does all the vegetation transparent: leaves, trees )
– X-ray (displays the contours of the tank, even hiding behind a hill or cliff)

No one  tank will not be able to pay you an unexpected or sudden blow. Also you will be able to select the shape tank  color   convenient for you.

1. Download the mod
2. Go on a way: World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \

Mod screenshots !
Tundra without mod


Tundra with mod



indigo-3 indigo-2 indigo-1


 X-ray mod (2000 KB)

Tundra mod (600 KB)

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  1. IDK about you dude, but X-Ray outlining sounds highly illegal by Wargaming standards. Granted if you go on a no tell basis, Wargaming should never be able to find out, but it sounds like something that can lead to an account ban if you get caught.

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