Mod automatic fire extinguisher for WOT 9.22

Friends! We offer you an automatic fire extinguisher for the price usual standard. Mod which will be useful for you in a battle.

In the battle can occur any unpredictable situation, such as a engine fire, tank fire and so on, in this situation an automatic fire extinguisher can help you. As you already know, you can buy a fire extinguisher in two ways:

1. Standard – the price of which 3000 silver and for its activation is necessary to press a special key.

2. Automatic – the price is more expensive,  20 thousand of silver, but the activation of which is triggered automatically, if necessary.

Of course more convenient and useful is the second option, but it is more expensive.

We offer you a perfect solution you need to install Mod automatic fire extinguisher.  It is using a special script  turns an ordinary standard fire extinguisher on an automatic fire extinguisher which is more expensive. You can save your silver and effort. Mod extinguishes quickly and efficiently.

I think there is no need to explain that this modification is not legal and is prohibited. You can have ban  or account suspension for the uses this mod. The decision to use it is on the players.

The folder “\ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 9.22” + folder “scripts”.


extinguishe  (30 KB)

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5 thoughts on “Mod automatic fire extinguisher for WOT 9.22

  1. it works BUT fix is needed because it takes automatically your repair kit or first aid kit.
    i mean that it is working also as auto repair!

    fix it to work only as auto extiguiser

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