Mod constantly allies contours for

Mod that will always encircles the contours of your allies on team. Mod completely legal and is adapted for World of Tanks

Most players have known X-ray  mod, mod which always shows the contours of the enemy (even hidden behind a hill or a tree). Unfortunately this mod is included in the list of prohibited  mods from WG.

Today we bring you mod with the same principle of action but unlike  cheat  X-rays mod, this mod full legal and officially authorized. The name of mod speaks for itself – Mod constantly allies contours . In fact the aim of mod  is constantly to encircle the tanks of your allies to the team. Your allies will be more noticeable to you and you will not to damage them on error.

There are function to change colors for allies and enemies in mod to not confuse  in the moments of fights. You will be able to select and set the color that suits for you. Plus you can set the distance in meters where contours will act. The author of mod is popular player locastan.

How to set up mod?
File/res_mods/configs/silhouette.xml. To adjust the distance 100.
Switching on and off mod by pressing the 1 key on the side of the numeric keypad. (KEY_NUMPAD1)


How to install:

Res_mods folder in the game folder World_of_Tanks


Mod constantly allies contours (146 KB)

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