Mod “direction enemy trunks by laser” for World of Tanks

We introduce one the most popular prohibited mods. Mod “direction enemy trunks by laser” for World of Tanks

Modification is not legal and prohibited by developers. For mod use  you can be punished by WG. This article is published for information. The entire responsibility for the use of mod rests on the player.

Often in combat due to the turmoil and chaos, you  do not notice that the enemy was crepted up and dealt a crushing damage to your combat vehicle. To avoid such situations and moments, we offer mod direction enemy trunks by laser. You will always visual see the direction trunks your opponent. The course of direction will be made in the form of a laser pointer. Now you will be ready for the unexpected  situations from your enemy. Nothing will not be surprise for you.

Very handy and useful mod. On and off  modification, you can use key NUMPAD3 . The author of the mod are Kainenger, Lportii, Stealthz. In the archive you will find 3 different mod versions to choose from:
– Standard Laser Pointer
– Option from Lportii
– Option from Stealthz




laser mod (75 KB)

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