[] Tundra mod – remove the crowns of trees, remove the leaves

Hello everyone,

Here is a very useful modification for World of Tanks – Tundra. Mod Tundra allows you to remove the crowns of trees and foliage in the sniper scope.


This method of removing excess vegetation gives you a distinct advantage in the game. Clear vegetation does not create additional discomfort during a search of an enemy tank, and the advantage of the enemy hiding in the forest to become minimal.

IMPORTANT! This mod is a cheat World of Tanks! Its use can threaten your account blocking!


mod is controlled by a “F2” key.

* Tested for World of tanks patch. For the valuable work, mod enables improved graphics in the game client settings.

How to install:

Download and unzip on this path: WoT/res_mods/


Tundra + black sky (control F11)  (1 MB)

Tundra mod (1 MB)


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30 thoughts on “[] Tundra mod – remove the crowns of trees, remove the leaves

  1. This mod is completely useless! It only makes the nearest bushes transparent while it SHOULD make ALL the bushes on the map transparent, regardless of the distance!

  2. Mod worked great until Jan 11 soft patch by Wargaming. Now if you go to download this mod the file is corrupt and only 150K or so in size instead of 7MB. Website FAIL.

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